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Industrial repair and protection
Solutions for the Chemical industry Solutions for the Marine industry Solutions for the Oil & Gas industry Solutions for the Paper & Pulp industry Solutions for the Power industry Solutions for the Water industry

Resimac is a global supplier of high performance epoxy and polyurethane chemical and corrosion coatings and resin based repair materials. With over 40 years manufacturing experience and a high level of technical expertise, our product range is proven to perform in the most demanding of environments.

With UK based facilities, backed by our technical team and worldwide distributor network, Resimac is able to offer local solutions to our global client base.

Featured Project: Liquid applied insulation coating

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What we do...


metallic surfaces subject to abrasion, wear or corrosion


metallic components, equipment and structures subject to erosion, corrosion and chemical attack


the performance of metallic components and equipment

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